Monday, March 1, 2010


"What's Purim?" you ask - Here's my very brief summary of the story...  The story is a lot like all the others - Mean ignorant dude decides all Jews must die because they only bow down to God, and they don't bow down to self-centered pompous dude who is the King's adviser, Haman (who favors tri-cornered hats). Incidentally, King marries beautiful girl who reveals her secret Jewish identity, declaring that she guesses that means she'll have to die too. King reverses decision to kill Jews and alternatively decides to kill self-centered pompous adviser, who is so widely known for his triangle shaped hats. Jews celebrate, eating triangle cookies, giving baskets of goodies to friends, and even wearing costumes to party it up - kinda like a big opposite day, since the opposite of what was supposed to happen - happened when the Jews were saved and Haman was killed.

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