Saturday, December 12, 2009

Chanukah decorations? You betcha!

I envisioned adding a little Chanukah to the neighborhood that is otherwise beautifully decorated with Christmas lights, props, and other displays!  I couldn't find many outdoor Chanukah decorations, and the ones I did find were expensive!  So I bought some PVC pipes used for plumbing and got to work building a menorah for our yard.  I used small terracotta pots, silver spray paint (specially marked for use on plastic), and silver battery operated tealights, all of which I found at A.C. Moore.  I think it turned out great, if I do say so myself!  Happy Chanukah!


  1. Good for you!Did you actually light it? thanks so much for linking up on Craft Schooling Sunday, so nice to "meet" a new face! all the best, Sara

  2. Thanks so much!!! yes, I did light it up, blessings and all :) with battery operated tealights. I'm going to look into other ways to light it up for future celebrations. It was hard to get a picture at night though, so I'll have to work on that too.